Preform updates sucks!

After the update, my resin tank motor starts to create loud sharp noise, this is due to the increase of speed, the new support method will never pass inspection, no matter how many more supports you add. I had a feeling formlabs just want us to increase more material usage. I just downloaded the previous preform and solved everything. Will probably never update again.
In the mean time, we are still using 32bit version when file size over 200M can not be saved, file size over 300M will constantly crash. Don’t tell me to reduce size cuz I’m doing miniature that require the highest resolution.

Despite all that, the print quality is great.:expressionless:

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Are you sure your issues with the amount of support isn’t due to minima and cupping warnings ? Those are new features that came with the December update. No matter how many support point you add, if there are minima you will have a red icon in preform.

Probably a good idea to share what you’re trying to print with FL so they can identify the cause. Many people (myself included) have had great success with the update, and appreciate the greatly improved print speed.

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Our goal certainly isn’t to decrease reliability and increase post-processing requirements as to increase material usage. We’re looking into whether the speed improvements in recent updates cause decreases in print quality and reliability for some users. If you continue noticing poor prints, get in touch with our support team so that we can troubleshoot with you. It may be that there are other factors at play beyond changes to print speed.

A 64 bit version of PreForm is on our software team’s roadmap. Theoretically, PreForm should still be able to exceed 300mb comfortably on a machine that’s not otherwise saturated.

To clarify, are you referring to when the tank moves back to the left while the part is still out of the resin?

While the rafts changed in 2.14, the support structures themselves did not. What material are you using?

Yes exactly, I’m using blackv3, I have contact support for this problem, I have actually open the machine to inspect any misplace of belt, all seems good, the noise immediately disappear when I switch back to earlier preform I guess it’s 2.13

I can’t stand the noise so I did not proceed with my print, and switch back to 2.13. it’s great to hear 64bit is on the way. The problem I had with 300mb file is very unstable, rotate may cause crash, duplicate may cause crash, it turns out duplicate will also increase the file size send to printer, with a 1gb space of formlabs2 I can only print 2 models at one time, totaling around 600-700mb. Guess there’s no way to increase the memory space of the machine.

Thanks, the thing is that I’m using the same model on both 2.13 and 2.14, guess 2,13 has greater tolerance for support and minima, I only need to add 3-4 points and the prints come out great, with the new 2.14, after I add 10 more there are still showing large amount of red areas.

The thing is for the same model using 2.13 with auto generate support, the print passed inspection and came out great, with 2.14 auto generate will leave large amount of red areas, adding more supports won’t help.

Really these new updates got really bad also I will not update!

In recent versions, there’s a specific use case in Preform that can lead to a memory leak and that might be what people are running into… I haven’t tried to reproduce with 2.14 but unless a memory leak was specifically addressed it’s likely still around.

I haven’t gone through all the permutations to narrow it down, but I think it’s something to do with adding a part and then loading a new .form file and choosing to clear the previous parts. Anyway, the memory for the previous part isn’t deallocated and it leads eventually to running out of memory.

My guess is that improved detection of minima and unsupported areas is showing areas as under supported in 2.14 that were not in 2.13. That doesn’t mean that 2.14 is suggesting unnecessary supports; more likely it means that 2.13 and prior versions were not adding enough supports or adding them in the right places.

I’m also not sure if the new faster print process increased peel speed but that might have necessitated more supports on certain geometries.

Anyway, my suggestion to share with FL is that they might be able to help you orient the part for greater success / fewer supports. Or there might be a problem with the new algorithm related to designs similar to yours that can they can debug if they had an example.

In any case, some people seem to be avoiding the update on the idea that most people are having problems, but I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite. My prints are just as successful and about 25% faster, so I’m very happy with the update.

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Is the speed increase in the motors the source of the cartridge errors then? If the current draw is higher than before, could a voltage drop be triggering all these cartridge problems? Just a thought…

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