Louder Noise as build table goes down

Anyone else experiencing a loud almost grinding noise as the build platform drives downward as you start a build? My current zMotorTime=275683 i think that the units are in seconds but i have applied a small amount of motor lube so that drive screw it quieted it a little bit but not all the way is there a specific lube I should be using? or is this maybe a problem further down the machine?

Just curious


I would ask for comment here from formlabs but if it were me the stuff I would use would be one of the white silicon greeses. Obviously not the spray kind. They sell it in tubes like toothpaste. Just dab a bit onto a finger and rub it onto the worm gear.

Petroleum based stuff can cause the plastic gear to polymerize.

Yeah we work with heavy machinery here that requires an oil based lube which is what i used first i was going to use a petroleum based just didnt know how often this should be done

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