Stepper motors making "thud"

Good day! I have had my Form 2 for only a couple days and on most prints during the peel motion the it sounds as if the Z-Axis stepper motor is turning on causing a “thud” sound. Sometimes the same happens with the VAT tank as well but not often.
I have linked my video with the sounds. The thud is heard around 9 - 12 seconds in video. Please let me know if this is normal!


Based on the video, it sounds like this is happening during the peel movement instead of when the platform begins to lift. Is that the case here? The outer lip of the tray carrier can sometimes get caught on the shell of the printer and cause this. Are you seeing any differences in print quality?

I can’t hear too well on the video, sorry. However, if I am printing parts with large surface area, there is a noticeable pop/thud when it lifts the part off of the resin tank silicone. My tank is a bit worn so it might be sticking more than normal too. It is definitely coming from the part lifting off of the silicone though, I can see the build platform pop loose when the noise is made.

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I am not seeing any print quality issues it just worries me what this does exactly to the resin tray.

Our support team can help to quell those fears and look into this further with you. A member of our team will reach out over email to help identify the cause of this.

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