Newbie question, difficulty removing resin tray

I just got my Form 2 this week, and I’ve had an issue that resulted in white “flakes” on my prints with Castable Resin V2. I think I now have these flakes in my resin (user error…probably nothing to do with the new resin).

It’s my first attempt at removing the resin tray, and I remember that I lined up four pins and slid the tray toward the back to lock it in place when I first installed it. I’ve removed the wiper successfully, but I cannot figure out how to get the resin tray off. I tried pulling it forward, toward the front of the machine, but I can’t get it loose. How much force do I need to use? How much force can I use without damaging the unit?

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We’re having the same issue. Not sure how much force to apply.
Is there some trick that people use to remove it?

It was quite a bit of force for me…enough that I was concerned I would do something that would damage the machine. I was desperate (taking my Form 2 on vacation, couldn’t transport with the tray!), so after a little confidence-building from a Form support person, I finally pulled it and got it loose. I had better luck bracing the front of the unit on my upper abdomen, but if you try this, wear a grungy shirt, just in case. I thought it might involve pulling forward and up because of the four pins, but that’s not the case. Once you’ve pulled it forward (it will make a clunk), then you lift. Be sure to remove the wiper first, but you can keep it in the tray. Then focus your energy on the front sides of the tray. The support person also said make sure that the wiper holding bracket is centered in the open area under the tray.

I’ve found it’s getting a little easier after doing it a few times.

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@enviouskitty, did you get your resin tray loose?


Same issue here on the Form 2 some resin trays come loose very difficultly

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