Tray is stuck in the machine

Hi all my tray is stuck in the machine any ideas other than brute force.

Well the trays can be somewhat difficult to remove on occasion, for me brute force gets it out. maybe a pic or two before you try brute force? Does the tray seem out of alignment or off in any way?

Intelligently applied brute force.

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It moves slightly in the holder and is aligned, but won’t budge at all even with gentle force worried that too much force may cause issues

I had this issue and a rubber mallet on the back side of the tray finally released it. Start softly then gradually hit it harder. Of course, if you go too far you can damage the tray. But I wasn’t going to send it back in for that!

I’ve noticed that I sometimes forget to properly position the wiper blade when removing the tank. It’ll take me a good 30 seconds to realize it’s blocking it.

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