Raising the resin tray

Hey all, I just got my printer out of the box and its all set to print! I put the resin in the tray and its all ready to go, but I noticed there is still some of the original packing plastic underneath my resin tray! If you look at the picture you will see how it is visible.

So I have searched all over for an answer to this simple question, how do I get the printer to re-set the tray so that I can take it out to peel the plastic off? It is currently in the “tilted” or “lowered” position making it impossible for me to remove.

Hopefully the photo is rotated properly…

Just so that I am clear, the resin tray is not loose, like in the other posts I have seen. The tray itself is in a fixed position, but low, below the surface. Turning the machine on and off does not move the resin tray.

Your tray should move when the printer is power-cycled – if it’s not, you may have stumbled on another problem with the machine. There have been some incidents of the motor controlling the up-and-down motion of the resin tray being damaged in shipment.

Get in touch with our support team at support@formlabs.com, if you haven’t already, and they’ll help you sort it out.

Simple enough, I see now that the tray isn’t moving when power-cycled, but it isn’t loose like in other posts. Thank Sam, I will be in touch with support! On a side note, then…

Any tips on how to get resin out of the tray when the tray is basically stuck in the tilted position?


Removal of the resin tray when the peel motor becomes unresponsive can be tricky, but the support team will be able to provide next steps.