Form 2 New Tray Wiper Rubbing Bottom of Tray - Is this Normal?

Good day, I just replaced my Form2 tray and I noticed after installation when the wiper went to place itself in the start position it was rubbing against the bottom of the silicon tray enough for it to cause a noise. Is this normal? I just remember when placing the previous 2 trays I did not see or here it rubbing against the bottom.

Not abnormal. Once the resin dispenses, it should be fine.

Yep, I’ve seen it happen to the point where I thought the wiper was going to break, or pull up the silicone, but its just fine. As @CraigBroady says, once the resin dispenses it will lubricate the surfaces and it will be fine.

Kev! Great to hear from you! Thanks man yeah it lubricated thing and its worked perfectly. Thanks @CraigBroady Here is another situation I encountered. I have had white resin sitting inside of the Form2 for about 1 month with the printer not being used. Yesterday when I went to use the printer I noticed the resin had began to separate and some parts were clear and more watery. The bottom of the tray was also very cloudy. I cleaned things up with the part separation tool as instructed in one of the tank cleaning tutorials and things seemed to go well. However the print failed towards the end and this part I had Formlabs orientate for me so I know it was placed correctly. I could also see the curing around the sides of the model was bumpy and strange looking (?) Do you think the resin left in the tank for a month went bad?

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Some materials will settle when left for long periods of time - White V2 and Castable being most notable. We recommend agitating the resin a bit with the scraper tool if it’s been left for an extended period of time. So long as the resin is less than a year old and was kept inside the printer with the cover closed, it shouldn’t have gone bad. The auto-orient tool can sometimes make mistakes. Can you upload your .form file so we can take a look?

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I have another one coming out now with this configuration. It was not auto-orient I had Declan in support configure this for me. Right now I have a new resin tank and new bottle of V2 I think I see these rough brail-like edges all over the part but I need to wait until it finishes to see if that is something that is going to wash off. i don’t remember my parts having such rough edges. Will post an image in about 1 hour when the print is complete.

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