How firm should wiper be on resin tray

I just got my Form 2 and am slightly concerned with how tightly the wiper sits against the bottom of the resin tray. I have not yet put any resin through the machine yet, but am wondering if this is normal. If I move the wiper manually to the left or the right, it ends up at a slight angle depending on which way I moved it. So, is this normal and can I go ahead and start printing?

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That seems like it is a little tight. Did you make sure to align the tray and push it down and toward the back? It will lock into place. I’m wondering if it’s not all the way down, which would cause the wiper to be putting more pressure on it than usual.

Also, make sure that the wiper is pushed in all the way. It will make a little “pop” noise when it’s locked into place. I’m wondering if it’s not locked in, and at an angle. With what you’re describing, is your wiper making contact all the way across?

Formlabs is really good about helping…if neither of these helps, you might put in a ticket. I’ll tag @Frew here, too. He’s very active on the forum and a great resource (we try not to bug him too much, but he’ll pop up in threads so we know he’s out there!).

Also, here’s a good video from there site…I used this when I first got mine. My tank seemed a little tight.

And welcome! Nice to meet you… :slight_smile:

The wiper should be pretty firmly attached to the machine, and it can be pretty tough to fit it. Don’t hesitate to use a bit of force. The back of the wiper (the kinda flat par with the Formlabs logo on it) should be flush with the holder, and it should not wiggle on the holder.

EDIT : however when the tank is dry the wiper does have a worrying stick-slip behavior but as @ClaudioPin wrote this is solved once the tank is wet.

As stated, it is normal. When the machine pour resin on the tank it will drastically reduce friction.
I don’t think that it is a good idea to move it side to side with an empty tank, as you might scratch the tank’s window.


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The wiper is meant to remain very close to the bottom of the tank and with a dry tank, you’ll notice friction drawing the wiper across the silicone layer. When the tank fills with resin, it should be considerably easier to slide across the tank, and you shouldn’t notice much resistance. So long as there’s not much resistance when the tank is filled, you should be good to go.

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Thanks, Frew! I remember having a little apprehension on my first few prints…afraid I was going to break my precious little CurlyBee. I remember the first time I removed the tray, I was terrified!

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Damn, you’re one of the lucky ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes…I love that one forum thread where people post the names…and someone complained that they have a pornstar name. :smiley:

I bought from a local distributor and he said he selected this one to match my personality. CurlyBee is so cute! D

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