Resin tank: Is the wiper supposed to ouch the pdms?

Hi all, opened up a new resin tank (standard) and trying to install the wiper. I noticed that the end of the wiper is touching the pdms layer. Is it supposed to do that? I’m sure the last resin tank I used the wiper floated above it. If not has anyone else had this issue and could offer any advice as to why it is touching the pdms? cheers

When I switched on the printer there was some drag noises to the wiper like it got stuck on the pdms. I’m wondering once the resin fills the tank will it glide better?

It sounds like the wiper is performing as expected. It should touch the PDMS layer.

With no resin in the tank, that drag noise is normal. Sometimes, I will pour some resin onto the wiper in the tank to lubricate it before the auto-fill to avoid the noise, but it’s not required.

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ok thanks for clearing that up Craig, I thought it was something like that :slight_smile:

The purpose of the wiper is to clean the PDMS so that’s why it’s going to be touching, but having resin in there will make it move more smoothly.

ah yeah makes total sense now for the buildup of the pigment on the pdms

You need to make sure though if you haven’t printed in a couple of days to use the scraper and stir the resin well, the wiper does not mix the resin as well as it would need to after that long of time, it’s mainly to improve things during printing.

That’s true. I usually use a plastic scraper from time to time. If the resin is left there for longer the pigmant can stick to the pdms and needs a bit of forceful scraping which is nerveracking.

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