Are you letting the PDMS breathe?

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I read that one important thing for the PDMS layer to keep it’s non-stick capability, is letting the PDMS breathe.

During the print cycle, this is not happening, as the PDMS surface is covered at all times with Resin,

but how about right before a print job is started?

Are you wiping/gently scraping the PDMS with the spatula to let it breathe ?

Are you leaving the resin inside the tank in between print jobs at all?

After having Problems and reading some thing about it in other Forum’s i now do !

sorry for the question, but what is the PDMS?

Monger Designs was the first I heard recommending this and I’ve done it ever since and do believe it beneficial to do so!
@ Cesar The PDMS is the layer of clear coating in the resin tank.

So do you leave the un-used resin just sitting there in the tank (with the orange cover closed obviously) - or do you pour the extra resin back into the bottle?

Personally I run the resin through a 125 micron paint filter and put it back in the bottle - no obvious adverse affects that I have noticed.

Won’t a little bit of resin always still be in the tank, thus covering the PDMS layer?

We are having a ton of trouble with our printer (have never really ever printed something successfully) and it seems like this may be the problem . Our resin sits in the tank for months.