Clean the PDMS layer


After a few failure prints, I want to remove the resin and clean the tank thoroughly to let it breath.  I remember there was someone in the forum telling that the PDMS can be washed with isopropyl to remove any stain on the PDMS layer. Is it the proper treatment? I want to keep my extend my tank life cycle. Thanks


I’ve done that many times. Just make sure to drain all the resin out of the tank first. Gently scrape off the resin if it’s stuck in there. I then use the squeeze bottle to spray some alcohol into the tank. Be careful not to get the alcohol on the acrylic because it can make it crack. I then use my gloved finger to clean the pdms surface using the alcohol and water-down the resin. Then dump it and repeat until the surface is clean and clear of any resin and residue. I try not to let the alcohol sit in the tank because it may cause the PDMS to swell. After the tank is clean, flip it around and let it dry on a paper towel. I cover it with something to prevent dust from getting on the tank. I also put a pencil under the tank on one end to tilt it a little and create airflow underneath while it dries. I’m also careful not to get any fingerprints or resin smudges on the “lens” side of the tank (the bottom), because that would be hard to clean and can affect print quality later on. Make sure the tank dries for an hour or two at least before you pour resin into it an start printing.

Thanks. It is good to know this method. Are you using 90% isopropyl alcohol to cleam the surface? or do you dilute it? Thanks


I use 90%