Resin tank dust cleaning

Good morning,

I want to use a new resin tank but there is many dusts in this one.
Could you please tell me how to clean the dust inside a new resin tank?

Thank you in advance.

Séb D

Put in a little IPA, jiggle it around in your hand while it’s level, washing the IPA over the PDMS surface. While tipping it diagonally, lightly scrape toward the low corner with the putty knife, and dump it all out into a trash can as quickly as possible. Let it air dry.

Doesn’t IPA damage the acrylic the tank is made of?

long term exposure, sure, it will tend to craze the surface, but a quick rinse like this? no.

IPA will cause crazing in the acrylic and so it’s definitely not something that we recommend. I would try using an optical grade air blower first to try and remove any debris.

Thank you for your answer.
And what about a rinsing with water?

Water will not damage the tank!


Ok so i think this is the best way to clean the inside of the tank.

Thank you.

Yellow Magic is what I use to clean the tank and pdms. It does amgood job clearing off any pigments on the pdms and will not harm plastics.

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