Contaminants in resin?

So in regards to the IPA somehow getting in the resin tank does this make your resin permanently contaminated? Or will the IPA eventually dissolve or something?

Also how much IPA in the resin is bad? So I cleaned my build platform with a bit of IPA. With a dry kitchen paper towel I wiped it clean and left for about 30 mins. Though it’s possible IPA could have dripped into the gaps of the plate. Also the kitchen towel produces paper dust. I got rid of as much as I could and the plate looks clean all over but you never know. Just wondering how badly small bits of dust or IPA can affect the resin?

We always clean our build platform using IPA and have not seen any issues or any signs of contamination in the resin. We don’t even let the build platform sit for the 30 minutes that you have, so I would assume there would be no issues at all, especially due to IPA evaporating quickly. As for the dust from the paper towel, again it depends on how much and how big the particles are, but it would be a safe assumption that there will be no issues.

We wet a paper towel with IPA and give the build platform a good wipe down. If I feel there is excess IPA, I will dry it with a dry paper towel, then proceed to set the printer back up and run another print. No issues, good luck to you.

I have been using Yellow Magic to clean my tank since it works excellent on the pdms and will not damage the acrylic frame. I use warm not hot water to rinse it and an air compressor to dry it.

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