How to Remove Small Particles Stuck on PDMS?

Today I have had my first failed print

I removed the main failed piece from the PDMS but I noticed many smaller pieces stuck. I’ll filter out the resin as instructed but how should I deal with those smaller pieces? I’m afraid I might damage the silicon layer which would mean ruining the tank.

This is my second cartridge on the same tank but I already notice some circles and hazing on the opposite side of the wiper.

If your using the supplied scraper gently and slowly drag the scraper to the stuck pieces. You may have to work at them from different angles. Sometimes if the pieces are thin enough you can give them a squish with the edge. Be careful to drag too hard all at once or you may damage the PMS.

A little clouding is expected and doesn’t affect prints much. Personally I use a gloved hand to fish out chunks of there are any. A scraper can be used gently too.

Great, I’ll see how it turns out for me. Thanks for the help guys :smile:

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I ran into the same issue today. After getting my form 2 a week ago I have been printing small parts fine until today I get my first failed part on a larger part. I strained everything out using the paint filter everyone suggested, but I noticed the same thing with small blemish spots where resin is stuck to the pdms.

So when you say to use the scraper or glove are you all scraping or rubbing with dry pdms? I read somewhere that you should only squeegee pdms when it is wet to avoid scratching? I tried cleaning those spots off on the tank with yellow magic as Ken suggested in other posts, but it does not seem to dissolve them.

Ken for using yellow magic to clean the tank are you filling it up and letting it soak or just covering the center clear area then wiping with scraper. Any specific steps to cleaning the tank with yellow magic would be very appreciated such as amount filled, time soaking, squeegee while soaking? Then how to rinse and wipe after pouring it out. Water and a rag? I tried using a paper towel, but it seems to make water smear pattern and I am back to where I started.

I looked all over formlabs website on how to really get the inside of the tank clean, but they only go into detail on how to properly clean the bottom of the tank.

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