How does Form2 do it?

I did a bunch of prints with Tough resin poured from a bottle in to the tray, since my printer arrived before the cartridges did. But I finally got around to trying a print with my Form2 using a resin cartridge instead of Open Mode.

When the wiper sweeps the bottom of the tray between layers, it doesn’t look like resin has time to flow in to the center before the build platform descends and the next layer prints. In fact, it looks like the bottom of the resin tray is swept “clean” of resin between layers. Yet my print appears to be progressing just fine. Does the wiper leave a thin “skim coat”? I thought its purpose was to scrape flakes off the tray, which would I’d think require the wiper to be in contact with the bottom of the tray.

What’s the deal?

Not sure if it makes a difference because I don’t seem to see this issue with my tough resin, but did you shake up the resin prior to use?

I didn’t have any problems. It printed as well, maybe a bit better than it did in Open Mode. I’m just unclear on what the wiper is actually doing and looking for a little insight from anyone that might have some to offer…

The wiper does a few things
-clean the bottom of the tray, in the case that any cured bits of resin are there
-expose non-stick surface to oxygen, which improves its ability to not stick and increases the lifespan
-stir the resin so that the pigment doesn’t settle

As to whether or not the resin has enough time to get back underneath for the next layer, some resin will still be on the underside of the print so even if the resin hasn’t had enough time to return then there’s still resin there.

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I think that’s pretty much the answer we are looking for. Would love to hear from FL engineering to confirm, but that might be too much to ask.

I think you are both right there is resin still on the bottom of the tray after the wiper moves past and there is resin on the bottom of the part.

Also, one more thing the wiper does is stir the resin so the heater can keep it all at the same temp.

Well I can’t honestly say Tough printed any better than it did in Open mode. But I tend to print fairly rugged parts. Be interesting to see if a more delicate structure would do better. I like the “oxygen” theory. It’d be great if it were true since that would improve print quality markedly over the Form1.

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