Can you thin these resins?

Good evening,
halfway through year two with the Form 2 and have an issue.
The res9ins we don’t use as much are getting a little thick.
Takes too long to flow back across the print tank after the wiper does its thing.
Print stops.

I can get it to start if I remove the wiper, but as soon as you put it back on, back to square one.

Can you thin these resins.
Today, specifically - Durable.

Did you mix well before printing?

I’ve noticed Black resin in particular, left for a while in a tank, develops a thick, jelly-like film that clumps up on the end of your scraper when you start to mix it. If you mix long enough it eventually “dissolves” back into the liquid to develop a normal consistency.

As for cartridges, if I haven’t used one in a couple months I’ll give it a rigorous, 10 minute shake by hand before putting it in the printer (or leave it for a couple hours in a spinning rotisserie I made).

For less critical prints, I’ve also mixed the last of my old resin with newer, more fresh resin of the same type.

Agree with others! A good shake can really help, especially on the resins that contain a lot of pigment material, like Black.

Also, no, you can’t thin the resins, it would change the chemical properties and affect how the prints will come out.

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