First print went well, but?

hello every one, I am in the dental field and we just printed out our first print, yaay, went well. Now what do we with the left over resine in the tank? I will be using it again tomorrow.

thanks sean

HI @SeanMcGrath, welcome to the community!

Just leave the resin in the tank. It will be used for your next print. More resin will be dispensed from the cartridge as you continue to print.

…and congrats on your first print!

super thanks!!!


Just remember to stir the resin carefully with the scraper if it’s been some time since the last time you’ve printed. This is because the pigment will settle out of the resin over time and it will cause problems if it’s not mixed evenly.

Yes, but that should only be an issue if the resin has been sitting for a week or two. If you’re going to use it tomorrow, the wiping it does automatically when it starts should be perfectly sufficient.


I’ve had a print in Black resin fail due to not stirring it after 2 days

great thanks

Same here, failings after 2 days withouth stirring. Even after 24 hours I see noticeable precipitation at the bottom of the tank, maybe it’s takn care of by the wiping but I still make sure the PDMS is clear because I can’t affort the time lost from print failing overnight.

That on top of the other issues with Black, we will not be ordering any more of this type of resin, if we need black parts we will paint Grey.