Dispense a bit of resin before initial wipe

When you start a Form 2 print, one of the first things done by the machine is to run the wiper back and forth once across your tank. If a brand new tank is installed containing no resin, the wiper skips and drags across the dry surface, making a wince-worthy sound that lends the impression it can’t be good for the delicate surface of the tank.

I suggest the printer defer the initial drag until a bit of resin has been dispensed in the tray. It doesn’t take very much resin to lubricate the wiper, and when the wiper’s in the park position the resin naturally runs down along it.

I believe the resin level sensor is already used when a print starts to check whether resin needs to be dispensed, so it should be fairly trivial to integrate my suggestion into the existing logic.

You might do something similar for the Form 3 as well. I know users are currently being instructed to manually pour a bit of resin into a dry tank to help keep the mixer from popping off. It seems to me like that manual step could be similarly eliminated.

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Agree! We always manually put just a few drops of resin in a new tank before starting a print. Even with the Form 3. For a better peace of mind. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! We know this isn’t a very pleasant sound, and I’d be happy to pass that along. :slight_smile: