Form 2 Wiper arm scrapes on empty tank

I recently replaced an old tank with a new standard one. The tank and wiper are assembled correctly as per the instructions. The tank has no resin so I assumed it would fill automatically before the next print starts. This may still be the case but during the startup sequence the wiper arm scrapes and bends as it moves left to right. I am concerned I could damgae the machine. I have not seen this issue before.
Would it be best to partially manually fill the resin tank or is there an alternative solution?
Many thanks

Yes, the easiest way to avoid the scraping is to simply pour some resin into the tank by hand before first use. That provides a bit of lubrication and prevents the scraping.

Thank you.

@rkagerer above offers some great advice. I’ll also just add that the horrible squeaking noise you heard on a dry wipe is very normal, and it’s extremely rare for it to cause any problems. Tanks are pretty hardy. :slight_smile:

I don’t use the scraper at all!!