Wiper arm Dry moving & Scratching Tank

hey guys

My form2 finally went on its way replaced by form 3, I’ve had an issue right out the box it seems, that old bite valve sticking issue reared its head (easily resolved by nipping it) but the impact on the F3 seems to be a lot more severe… the printer proceeded to drag the arm across the optical surface several times before it recorded this was a failed attempt to print … as a result my brand new tank is scratched to high hell

I presume this is something to watch out for as having a tank degraded from its first to use cant be a good thing surely …

wanted to drop a forum post in case anyone else had experienced this and if you did how much did it impact print quality (i cant imagine the impact is zero…) & are form 3 users doing anything pre-emptivly to combat this issue (always nipping bite valves regardless if it has an issue before use for example

also, another small thing I noticed the cartridge holder seems so loose & wobbly compared with the Form 2’s snug fit is this normal? I have about 5mm of play in all directions

anything else that formlabs doesn’t tell you i should be doing to manage this printer

I’ve watched my printer start up a new tank, specifically because I was worried about this. It’s never happened. And I had one cartridge with a sticky bite valve that didn’t dispense and I didn’t notice it right away so there were many cycles of the mixer arm.

What are the white spots on the black border in the bottom of the tank? The tank is completely dry, no resin in it at all?

Might not do anything, but I’d try wiping the interior with a clean, damp rag, see if it “cleans up” any…

any new about this?