Form 3 tank "seam" and print issues

Recently I’ve had some trouble with the wiper arm popping off during the resin-filling stage of the print process.

The tank is clean. The problem is the seam, where the flexible part of the bottom of the tank is bonded to the rest of the tank, that seam appears to be a little too thick. Just thick enough for the wiper to catch it, and bump off its mount. I’ve only had this problem with one tank so far.

Is this a known problem with the ?V1? tanks? Is it better with the V2?

Haven’t encountered it on the 3 or 4 V1 tanks I’ve used. Is it just happening on dry tanks, or after there’s resin in them as well?

This happened on 12th print in that tank. I had encountered this problem to a lesser extent from the beginning but it was only today that I noticed the separation at the seam. It looks like the seam might have been slightly either too thick or separated from the beginning. The wiper repeatedly grabbing on it appears to have accelerated the separation.

I replaced the tank with another and the problem seems to be gone. Perhaps it is a quality control issue.