Form 2 Pouring Resin from 1 Tray to Another

Good day! I’m back and my Form 2 has made it home after a brief trip to repairs. Question: If you pour say white resin from a tank that is bad to a new tank that is good can that new tank sense how much resin is in the tank and send that info to the Form 2? The reason I ask is I want to know if the From 2 will not know how much resin is in the tank, over fill it, and then the wiper motion would splash all the resin in to the printer?

It will detect the level of resin and won’t overfill the new tank even if you already have resin manually filled.


Perfect thanks for taking you time to answer my question.

There is a LED light sensor at the back just outside of the tank. It senses the light coming to it. If the resin is higher that the detector window the light will be blocked and thus the sensor sends a signal, or lacks one. Anyway the software knows. Good to make sure the back of the tank is reasonably clean.

Also, always filter any resin you are pouring from one tank to another to filter out small hardened bits and such.

Thanks for the pointer yes I’ve become a filtering expert lol. It seems in most cases the resin left over after a print is right around the fill line. I hope to catch it when its less full.

No, it’s a capacitive sensor not optical.

I don’t think the printer ever really knows how much resin is in the tank. All it knows is when the level of resin is at the fill level. That’s why it will periodically refill the resin tank even though the level in the tank hasn’t gone down very much. I suspect that it wants to keep the tank topped up because it can’t be certain about any level less than “topped up”.

This is more than likely true because after a print it is generally topped off.

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