Does Form 2 know if there is enough resin in the tray and tank before the start of the job

I have a project that I want to print, I am already within the low resin level notice, and I am getting ready to print a project, when does Form 2 notify me that it needs add new resin? I would think Form 2 knows the volume in the tray and the volume in resin tank along with the information on the project to print? How accurate is this when I start a job, I had this with the last tank of resin and needed to put new in.


If you want to trust it, you should be told if you for certain don’t have enough. Technically…

Hey there @Phantom48,

Thanks for taking the time to post! That’s a great question.

It’s important to remember that all the information the printer knows about itself in terms of resin amounts are educated guesses. The printer knows roughly how long it hits the dispense valve on the cartridge, and roughly how much resin would have come out.

The most accurate resin sensor in the whole printer is the system that measures how much resin is currently in the tank right now, but everything else it’s mostly using a variety of factors to try and figure out.

The “low resin” warning will appear when the printer thinks there’s roughly 250ml or resin remaining in the cartridge. Typically there would also be ~250ml in the tank. Because of this, it’s entirely possible to see that warning when you’ve only actually printed with about half a liter of material.

Throughout printing, the Form 2 will periodically check the amount of resin in the tank. If during one of these checks, the printer decides the resin level is getting a little low, then some dispensing will get triggered. The printer will then quickly check the resin level again after the dispense to make sure some resin actually came out.

During the second check, if the Form 2 detects no change in resin level(showing that no resin actually came out) that’s when you’ll see the “Cartridge Empty” warning and the print will pause until a new cartridge of resin is installed.

It’s worth noting that this is really the worst case scenario. Running out of material mid-print won’t kill the print entirely. It will simply pause until a new cartridge is put in.

I hope that information helps! If there’s anything you’d like me to elaborate on, please don’t hesitate to ask.

thanks that’s a good and understandable explanation, I understand its not an exact science, but with all the numbers through around, time, volume of resin needed/estimated, I figured there would be more precision. Thanks again for you explanation.


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