Resin tank double filled

I just received my Form 2 and while the resin was filling for the first print, I got a cartridge empty error. I checked the cap was clear and clicked ‘Try again’ which I thought did the trick, but the tank ended up double filling (based on the data in the dashboard). Will the printer realize this before the next print or do I need to run it in open mode for the next print to use up the dispensed resin?


The printer has a tank resin level sensor. It also has a timeout on how long it will attempt to fill the tank, in case that sensor is bad/blocked.

On my first print, the printer also failed to fill the tank before it gave up and said there wasn’t any resin. I restarted it and it put a little more in to the tray and then started printing.

So long as the resin level isn’t much above the fill line on the front of the tank, you’re OK. If it puts more resin in above the fill line, you want to drain some out before starting a print since when the wiper moves and/or the build platform submerges, resin may spill out.


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