My printer problem 2

Good morning. My printer again has a problem. I hear something now on my printer again. And this affects the printout and the
output of the printout fails. If I check the post I wrote, I have more information on this issue. We will link the address of that place.( My printer problem ) We sent the printer to Korea formlap company. And I repaired it there. And all the prints succeeded without sound again. However, when the time elapses, the sound will come back and the printout will fail. I thought we should send this matter to a US company. We are a company in Korea. How long will it take us to send this printer to there? When we send one of the two printers, it affects our modeling production plan. So, I would like to know the time required for specific repair. Thank you

Does this happen on every print or only certain models? I’ve had a similar issue

Have you contacted the support team in the US? You can contact them here: Also the sound I hear sounds normal except in the very beginning there is a high-pitched noise, is that what you are talking about?

My printer is in trouble. It applies to all results. It is expected due to looseness of assembly of parts.

Thanks for the link in the address. I completed the repairs in Korea, but there was a problem again. So try a little more and if there is a problem, I will send it to America. Can anyone tell me the round-trip repair period from Korea to the United States?

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I hope the problem will be fixed soon, good luck!

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