My printer problem

Good morning. Look at my printer’s problem.

At first I told you this problem.

But you said it was okay.

However, the fine movement and shock of the resin tank can be seen by eyes.

Then, the printout continues to fail.
I did

We repeatedly listened to something that seemed to hang on the printer. It kept sounding when the printer was running.

I sent this printer to the South Korea form2 repair center. Its address is

They tested this printer and told us.

All the bearings on the joint of the resin tank bottom are released. So keep sound
The output of the printer continues to fail.

So they told us to send this printer back to the US headquarters.

And I know it will take two months to send my printer to the US.
During that time I had sold modeling to this printer. And I just bought one additional printer.
But we need two printers.

If we send one printer to the US, we will not be able to sell printouts properly.

I am half the sales and I am in great disaster.
I was mentally confronted with a stressful situation.

And I think that this is not our fault,

South Korea 's form2 company should be sent to the US headquarters.

Symptoms of this printer appeared from the time of first purchase. A few months ago I communicated this information to you.
Why is it that you have to pay the shipping cost to send the printer to the US?

And what steps should I take?

I would appreciate your advice. Thank you.

Looks like it may have been damaged in shipment to you, or someone tried to pull the resin tank off the printer incorrectly and with too much force.

Unfortunately, you will need FL to fix this, it does not look like a “user serviceable” part. Have you opened a Ticket with FL technical support (US) for this? Maybe they can lend you a printer while yours is being fixed…

I have had a similar problem with products I’ve purchased from Europe and Asia. Issues that need warranty repair require the product be shipped back to the manufacturer and it always takes a long time.

Did you take the picture inside the printer or is that from the distributor? You might want to try fixing the rollers on your own before sending it for repair. The rollers consist of the (1) cam follower, (2) sleeve bearing, and (3) hex nut. I suggest you try tightening the hex nut and cam follower using a wrench and Allen key. If the part has really come loose, the sleeve bearing and nut might be floating around in the bottom of the printer.

If there is nothing else wrong with the printer, tightening these roller elements should solve your problem. If it does not solve the problem, then there is likely something else causing the print issues.

The videos you uploaded actually display typical printer behavior. In a functioning Form 2, you hear those noises and see some motion during the peel and squish cycle.

This is a picture of my printer. This is a picture of my printer from the company in charge of formlaps in Korea. They can not do this either.
They said so. So it should be sent to American formlaps company. And I raised this problem at first. thank you. Translation is a little difficult. thank you

Thank you for your kind reply. We will refer to your answer.

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