Laser not always turning on?

Hi guys, I’ve had a strange issue a couple of times, it appears that my laser isn’t switching on for either the start of the print or any of the print.

A few weeks ago I had an unattended print which appeared to not have attached to the build platform (there was nothing there), however cleaning the tank there was literally nothing in there either, as if it hadn’t printed at all. I power cycled the printer, tried the print again and it worked so I thought nothing of it.

Now last night I had another unattended print and again there was nothing on the build platform, this time there was some resin stuck to the tank, but only the outline of the part and not the outline of the base as is usually the case for prints that don’t adhere. Again I power cycled the printer and the next print worked fine.

In both cases the the build platform lowered and the normal peel process happened for the first few layers, but I was using opaque resins both time so couldn’t actually see the laser.

Anyone come across this before?

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