Laser always on

So I opened a ticket because nothing prints at .05 and I keep getting a glob of cured resin in the center of my tray that has already ruined three trays. Support said there’s a software update coming that should fix the print problem and that the center mass was likely a warped build platform. First of all how would a build platform warp?! And second even if then how would it cause resin to cure?! Then this morning I had to be up early and when I came down and everything was dark thats when I could see that the laser just stays on curing a rounded square area in the center of my tray constantly! I couldnt get a pick with the lid closed but took these with it open in the second you can see the center and where the light shines out from under the front of the tray also… I’ll be writing to alert them of my discovery today also!

@VinceErb are you saying the laser spot is not moving? wouldn’t that indicate a galvo issue?

Is the laser going off for peels?

@VinceErb or are you saying the laser is on even when a print is not running? (would be very bizarre)

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Yeah runs even when the printer goes into sleep mode! But I can still print just have to scrape the glob out and can only print at .1 or .2 toward the rear of the build platform otherwise it wont stick. I had one that I placed too close to the center and it made a glob connected to my print
So even if I don’t print anything at all after a while I will have a cured chunk stuck in my tank!

Here’s what my latest destroyed PDMS looks like:

If you compare the first pic I uploaded to this one you can see that where the laser light is constantly shinning matches the damaged area exactly.

I just turned the lights off and tested to see if/when the laser ever goes off and it does turn off when you open the cover and comes right back on when I close it, it stays on when the printer goes to “sleep” but if I actually turn it off it does turn off but comes right back on as soon as the printer turns on! Pretty crazy stuff and quite unfortunate!!!

Well I just got the email, have to send another replacement back again. I’m having worse luck with the pluses than I did with the originals, at least they worked for a little while. Packing this one up and waiting on number six…

How many 1s and how many 1+s out of those 6?

Three originals and two pluses so far.
Originals had a couple lasers fade away and one that a firmware update freaked out.
First plus came with orange swirly goo on mirror but after cleaning mirrors repeatedly still never printed right.
And then this plus with the always on laser and other issues.
I’m hoping sixth time is a charm but have little hope left if any.

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