What if I print and it doesn't actually print?

I just got my Form1, SimpleWombat. I did a test print, everything moved, I saw the laser firing. It needed an hour to print. I went off to do other things and came back with three minutes left. It was still whirring and the laser was firing. It finishes, platform moves to the top, I open it and… nothing. No printed part, nothing that slid off and is floating in the tank. Surely a laser firing through the resin should have done something?

Ok, I poured out the  resin and there is sludge in the bottom, so it did cure something. I gently scraped it out. Can I clean that tank with  alcohol
Anyhow, my second print did not stick either. Using the clear 0.1mm settings.

So I’m not sure if this is a similar issue, but I’m printing a first print (it is on layer 62 of 1794).  I have the light turned out in my dining room, yet I have yet to see any laser light shining up as it is printing.  I’m not sure if this is normal.  When I unpacked the Form1, I peeled off the top protective plastic layer on the resin tank, and peeled off the plast layer around the edges.  Was there another protective plastic layer I have to remove somewhere that is causing the laser light to be blocked perhaps?  Or maybe my machine is defective?  I’m going to let it print (8 hours to go), and check up on it.

There is indeed a layer of plastic to peel off the bottom of the tank. Its probably opaque enough to block most of the laser! Not my issue, but I did almost miss it the first time around.

Hello Joshua,

Don’t clean the tank with alcohol.

You may want to read this article, which goes into some detail on the resin tank: http://support.formlabs.com/entries/24783258-Resin-Tank-Overview

Before printing again, you’ll want to make sure that your liquid resin is free of any cured bits of resin. They can be difficult to spot, as they’re also clear, but if they remain in the resin while it’s in the tank, it can prevent your prints from adhering.

John – you should be seeing laser light coming up from the bottom of the tank. To be clear to anyone else reading this, Joshua is NOT referring to the soft, clear silicone layer on the bottom of the tank, but rather a protective surface on the optical window on the reverse of the tank.

Sam - OK so I peeled two clear protective layers off the resin tank, but I don’t see any protective layer on the reverse of the tank!  There’s nothing in the instructions about this either.  What should I be looking for?  I tried printing the butterflyclip and the laser is still not showing.  What is odd though is that towards the end of my print (when I woke up this morning), it was almost done after printing for 8 hours.  I could see the laser barely now.  However, no resin was cured.

Hi Joshua,

We are following up with your issue through our ticketing system.


Jory, indeed you are! I asked here and there because I didn’t know how fast a ticket would move and thought an end user might have some data. Thanks!