The resin does not cure

Dear all

I decided to seek help on the forum, although I already opened a ticket.

I just receive my Form1+ (upgrade of my previous Form1), I successfully printed a couple of objects and suddenly, the resin did not cure anymore.

I opened a ticket and the support asked me to clean the mirror (the big one and the galvo ones). I am waiting for the PEC-PAD wipes but I did inspect them and they are clean. Even though the mirros were a bit dusty, I should at least got some cured resin on the built platform and/or in the tank which is not the case.

I did a laser test and you can see the result below.

I purchased a new bottle of resin, clean the tank and try again.

I decided to print the model below – I used the fine tuning tool to lower the built platform as well.

I decided to stop the Form after 40 layers…

… and then you can see that there is nothing on the built platform

And no cured resin in the resin tank as well…

Someone in the community is facing the same issue? Anybody can give me advice?

I really need help because I am quite frustrated to face these issues just few days after testing the Form1+

Best regards


Fabrice, have you submitted a customer support ticket? Our team can help get you printing again.

Hi Craig, yes I already opened a ticket (#42942) but besides cleaning mirrors and laser test, there is no other suggestion to move forward…

Is it a problem of laser power? If so can you remotely take some measures. Or the test I made means that the laser is working perfectly. Is it a problem with the built platform, if so what… Do I have to check something with the resin tank,

I am eager to help but waiting is not something I enjoy

In my mind, the fact that the resin does not cure should the root of the diagnosis tree and thus pretty straighforward to diagnose - but may be I am wrong.


Fabrice, I would continue to work with the customer support team. If cleaning the mirrors did not solve your issue, they will work with you until a solution is found.

Thank you very much Graig. Actually I sent two short videos to Roxanne showing the laser beam but no cured resin in the tank.
The support is great, it is just that I am frustrated to be stuck like this. I just saw your news about this flexible resin and it looks great. I would like to use it too. But the Form1+ needs to be operational!
Thanks again

Fabrice, I’ve never seen a failure quite like yours, I’m sure the FormLabs crew will get you through it. It seems like you either had a sudden drop in laser power, or you fot a dud batch of resin. Do you have a second tank and a different bottle of resin?

Good luck sorting it out. Looks like you’re building interesting stuff.

Happy Printing!

I had issues like that and it turned out to be the laser.

I just returned the Form to FormLabs facilities in UK. They will inspect the Form and let me know what happened. I suspect the laser as well, but I am not an expert.
Actually I try to print the different parts of a humanoid robot.
As soon as I know what the problem is I will post it.
Best regards

My new 1+ arrived and absolutely no bond to the build platform nor any resin cure in the tank. Removed the resin tank, inserted a slip of paper and continued the print job. No visible laser output at all. Submitting a service ticket.

Okay, I was impatient and took the cover off my brand new 1+ with no laser. Somebody forgot to plug it into the controller board. Now I should be printing :slight_smile:

Hi Gavin

Regarding my printer the laser diode has been replaced and now the Form1+ is printing really well, at least so far. I have to say that it has been replaced very quickly, I am based in France, the Form1+ has been shipped to UK and back in few days - very efficient.
The Form1+ is when it is working is really a great product. The issue is the reliability but I am sure FormLabs is working hard to improve it. As the product is still “young” it is not really a surprise.
I hope that they will add the laser diode very quickly so that you can start printing soon!

I had the same thing happen. I had made 3 good parts. A small clip for some blinds, a ring, and a mount for a microscope on a laser. The unit sat for several months then on the next 7 attemps on a modified microscope mount, the prints all failed. On the first few, I assumed it was the resin that had been sitting for a while. Support structures were half formed. I cleaned everything and tried again, but had no parts print whatsoever on the last 3 prints. Nothing in the resin tray hardened at all. I did the spot test and found a very large and diffuse spot way towards one side, like the main part of the beam was reflecting off of internal parts of the printer. I did another test where I placed some paper where the large mirror was, and it confirmed the look of laser failure. Here’s what that looked like.