Printing my first print, but laser isn't firing

So I’m not sure if this is typical, but I’m printing a first print (it is on layer 62 of 1794).  I have the light turned out in my dining room, yet I have yet to see any laser light shining up as it is printing.  I’m not sure if this is normal.  When I unpacked the Form1, I peeled off the top protective plastic layer on the resin tank, and peeled off the plast layer around the edges.  Was there another protective plastic layer I have to remove somewhere that is causing the laser light to be blocked perhaps?  Or maybe my machine is defective?  I’m going to let it print (8 hours to go), and check up on it.  Here is the piece I’m attempting to print.

There is indeed a layer of plastic to peel off the bottom of the tank. Its probably opaque enough to block most of the laser! I did almost miss it the first time around.

The laser should definitely be firing!

Here’s a video I recorded that shows what happens when I start a print. At 1:53 you can see the laser turn on. In a darkened room it should be impossible to miss so I doubt that your Form1 is working correctly.

(It’s best if issues are confined to a single thread.)

About the protective plastic: although leaving it on the resin tank could possibly mess up the print I highly doubt it would prevent you from being able to see the laser. It’s not blindingly bright or anything, but you shouldn’t have any trouble what-so-ever seeing whether the laser is “on” or "off’, particularly in a dark room.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting. We are following up on your issue through our ticketing system.


wondering how your problem is solved… I think I’m experiencing the same problem…