Laser Not Working

My Formlabs 1+ has never given me any issues, but last night a failed print occurred with no hardened resin on neither the build platform or in the resin tank. I tested several more times only to realize the laser was not working at all.
Has anyone encountered this scenario? What steps other than making a support ticket can I do?
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many things you can do to fix this.

Before I run through these things, IF you printer is in warranty, I would open a support ticket. Actually, I would open one regardless but if the unit is within warranty, wait for FL to instruct you on what troubleshooting steps you should take. If the unit is out of warranty, continue on.

You can open the back and check to be sure the connector for the laser is properly seated. Disconnecting the plug and reseating is about the most you can do. Be sure to pull the power and USB connector before removing the screws, you will have to do this regardless to get the back cover plate out of the way. Note that the 2 really short ones came out of the bottom. Do NOT put the long screws in the bottom. They will hit the PCB. Bad things will happen.

I would remove the build platform and vat and do a test run before and after. You may be getting some light out of the laser that you can not see with everything installed.

Beyond that, you need the laser replaced (most likely). Obviously I am troubleshooting this from my comfy armchair… I could be very wrong.

I hope that it is a simple reseat the connector if out of warranty as if the laser needs to be replaced the printer will need to take a trip to get repaired and recalibrated.

As with any of my thoughts / advice / etc. YMMV and follow them at your own risk. I am not responsible for what happens, good or bad.

Sorry, seems these days we all need to put disclaimers on everything. :slight_smile:

Are you sure the laser isn’t working? Have you cleaned the mirrors?

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