Installed Resin Tanks Are Slanted?

Hi everyone,

I have been looking at some of my prints lately and noticed that the bases(rafts) are of different heights and also I noticed that the tray is slanted slightly which is the cause of this issue. Is this how Form 2’s are built or is something wrong with mine?

In the picture you can see that the right side is higher than the left.

Looking at the level of resin relative to the fill line, it looks like the tank is nice and level. Assuming the printer is level, so is the bottom of the tank in spite of how it looks…

How about the difference in raft height when printing multiple pieces in different locations on the platform?

My Form1+ build platform isn’t quite level and the printed base looks similar to what you describe - it comes out thicker towards the hinge side of the tank. I bought a second build platform with the intention of fixing the issue but I haven’t bothered since it has been having no effect on the quality of my prints. It’d only be a problem, IMO, if the base was too thin and you have problems with it staying adhered to the print platform. Otherwise, by the time the printer has reached the Z-Height of the actual model you’re printing, everything is implicitly “level” with the tank bottom even if it didn’t start out that way at the beginning of the print.

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For the early layers it cures much longer to account for the platform not being level with the bottom of the tray. The print will still print ok though.

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Thanks for the explanation Randy!

Then again, some people like me want and need to print without support directly on the platform, which makes this a bigger problem. With our Form 2 the differences in height are less than 0.5 mm, which is acceptable.

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