Durable Resin, height of the part is not even on left and right

I am printing bucket shaped 150mm height housing from Durable resin, the wall thickness is 2mm, couple months ago I was printing the housings with no problem but now I can see that left side of the bucket is 2mm shorter than right side, I can easily see the layers are also not parallel to the print platform. I was using fresh resin tank, and I switched to another fresh resin tank still having the same problem.
Anybody having similar problem? What might be the problem?
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Hi MuratErciyas,

I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to look at our Model Orientation guidelines? You mentioned the same part suddenly not printing well and I wanted to make sure we double checked on this front.

The best way to get insight is to create a support case with our support team, providing photos, logs, and the form file in question, and letting them know you have tried multiple tanks already. The team would be able to investigate and look into this further for you to help provide a solution.

Seems like something’s mechanically out of whack.

Is the resin tank sitting level in the machine (is the liquid level uniform left/right/front/back)?

Does the build platform sit “square” to the Z-axis or is it tilted?

Yesterday I installed and reinstalled the resin tank, I did check the printer level, I tilted the bucket 10 degree and printing another sample to see the result. I hope tilting the bucket instead of keeping it parallel to build platform will solve the problem. After completing this print I will check if the resin tank sits right.

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