Problem with the supports of Durable resin

Hello. Recently I have problem when printing pieces with durable resin. When I print pieces, the support are not well printed on some part of the plate (support too short or not straight) and so at the end of my printing, my pieces are totally deformed. It happens for with huge pieces and small pieces.
I still don’t have the problem with other resins (Tough 2000 and Clear) and I didn’t have the problem with durable resin before. I think, the problem happened after I update my printer (Form3) and preform version and plus, I changed my resin tank.

In this picture, you can see that at the edge of my pieces, the support are becoming shorter and the my piece is deformed.
Do you have any idea where it come from (tank or preform update) ?

Hi @NathanRougier ,

This would likely take a bit of digging for our agents to get to the bottom of, so I would advise opening a ticket with our Services Team!