Print Deformations In Model Closest To Supports

I have been having some recent issues with print quality using the tough resin where the model is sagging and warping but only on the side where it is attached to supports. The rest of the model comes out perfect.

At first I thought it was because my resin was old so I replaced it with fresh resin but I’m still having these issues. I’m wondering if the tank needs to be replaced as well even though the print window is spotless and I haven’t even used a full bottle of tough resin.

This image shows an XY shift of about .2mm

This image shows the deformed and flattened portion that is facing towards the build platform.

This image shows that the other side of the model facing away from the build platform is crisp and perfect.

This sort of thing has happened to other parts besides this one. I’ve also printed this same part before with the same settings and it has come out fine.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!


I have seen this recently. It seemed to matter where the model resided on the build platform and if it was in front of another model or behind it. I would add more supports.

As the PDMS starts to cloud you will have that issue on support sides. This also happens on low angles with supports on them and/or if the resin is cold where the viscosity is higher and resin doesn’t run off the surface and collects.

I would relocate the part on a cleaner portion of the tank or replace the tank if it is all clouded.

If your on a Form1+, double check your mirrors and make sure there isn’t any haze on them.

This post is placed in the Form 2 section so I doubt he uses a Form 1+.

What you are seeing is an effect of the tough resin: you need much more supports. Tough is very flexible and every peel off the PDMS it stretches the part if you don’t have enough supports. Sometimes it is completely unavoidable with tough resin.

The shift happened because the support placement doesn’t keep the part stable during peeling. See it as a stool with 3 legs. You printed the part with just two legs.

As others have said, you will need to add more supports.

To add to this I would try orienting the part vertically with supports on the base and ears.

You can also vary the support point size so that there are plenty of thin supports plus a few larger supports to keep the part in place

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Also–there will be extra resin cured on the bottom where the supports contact the print, this is due to the laser bleeding through the next layers which cures resin that is on the underside of the print

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