Warping Tough Resin V2, Form 2

Hi Everyone

Had my Form 2 for a couple of weeks now and been printing all sorts with the white resin.

Decided to give the tough a go this week. This is my first print with new resin and new tank.

For some reason I am having issues with the part bending and warping. I post cured with supports still attached but it was evident straight out of the printer. the edges that you can see that have warped are the ones that were touching the supports and the first parts of the model to be printed.

Any advice on what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers. FlowCreation

Looking at the print lines, is the warped part at the beginning stages of the print or at the end. My guess is it is at the beginning. Can you post up pics of your model with the supports attached or a pic of the preform layout.

Hi David

Yes the warping is only visible at the start of the print. As you can see the in the picture the corner photographed was the first area to print.

I think adding a support or two at the very tip / edge of the start of the print will help with that. Maybe making one or two larger point sized supports at the starting point will help as well.

Thanks David.

I will give this a go and post results.

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