Form 2 post cure warping

Hello all, I have seen a bunch of threads regarding warping. And am hoping you guys can help direct me to find a solution. Every single print i have completed on the form 1+ and form 2 that has a small thickness but lots of surface area warps. This is easily the most frustrating aspect of printing. I use a UV chamber, maybe its underpowered? I rinse as directed in IPA 99% and then I post cure for 1 hour in the chamber. Every time I remove supports after curing the thing warps sitting out for a few days.

Edit: I discovered that the lamp that was being used was a 250nm. I am working on getting a chamber that produces 405nm light. I think this will help significantly.

Warping can be a bit frustrating especially for larger and flatter parts. Orientation does play a pretty significant role in how parts warp. Typically, parts will warp inwards relative to layer lines. Orienting parts at 45 degrees in both axis (if this is possible for your application) evenly distributes these forces and cuts down on warping. Having close to 45 degree rotations in both axis is good practice and helps both with print quality and cutting down on warping.

Post-curing on support structures is also a great idea and parts that are fully post-cured won’t warp further. It sometimes helps to allow parts to dry for an hour or so after washing them in IPA before putting them in post-cure. Happy to help troubleshoot with you until we’re able to significantly cut down on your parts warping if not eliminate it entirely!

The supports don’t support the part at all when curing Tough V4, makes things super tricky. Any tips?

Just had one,… maybe I should be curing for longer at room temp or below?

You should leave the support material on your model until it’s completely cured. Afterwards cut and grind everything… With this proceeding you can minimize the warp.

I just said, “The supports don’t support the part at all when curing Tough V4, makes things super tricky”

at 60degree’s the support structure has about as much strength as a piece of cold cooked spaghetti, which doesn’t help the part to stay where it is supposed to be during the curing process.

Ahhh now I got it!

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Small vid of Tough V4 in cure in case you haven’t experienced it
Tough V4 in cure

Hmm yes i see… Maybe try to orientate them in the same direction and close together with more supports. Then you might have the chance that the parts support each other a little bit more and don’t warp that badly. What do you think?

These parts have actually turned out OK for what I need, I just pulled it all back whilst it was cooling until it had taken a set. but its not always that easy with more complex’d geometries, thinner walls and or larger flat surfaces. I really think curing at a reduced temp should be the way forward, but don’t know the impact that has on time required… must be a chart somewhere at Formlabs? Increasing the support density could help, Though obviously it’s more hassle to clean up.

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