How do I update firmware?

When I start PreForm, I get new firmware available message.

I click Yes to update, confirmation appears and I click Okay.

Then nothing happens.

When I go load firmware from menu it says firmware is up to date.

Current firmware on my printer is 1.22 and I understand latest is 1.2c.

I tried DFU mode and that didn’t make any difference.

So how do I update firmware?

me too have the same question.

This is a known bug. We have just pushed a patch fix release. Please re-install the latest version of PreForm and attempt the Firmware update again.

I made the mistake of clicking “Update Firmware” today and now the “Neat Numbat” is dead as a doornail. I guess I’ll submit a ticket.

This is confusing…  I installed the latest preform 1.2.1 and then I go to update firmware and it says it is up to date without telling which version it is… yet it asks if I want to replace firmware with the older 1.3c…   is this is a mistake?  you should list the current firmware version so we can verify.