Form 1+ updating

Hello all,

I’m having weird things going on trying to update my Form 1+ in OpenFL 2.3.3

Should I update in PreForm 2.9.1 and then go back to using OpenFL 2.3.3?

I assume you are talking about your firmware. What firmware is loaded in your printer? I believe it should be 1.40.

The latest flavor of Preform is 2.10.1

Can you describe what is weird?

Yes, firmware!

How do I see what firmware version is on my printer?

Weird = trying to update for 6 hours

The update should take less than a minute. Disconnect the USB, reconnect. It will either recover saying the printer is in DFU (I think it says DFU) then it will update the firmware, but you should not need to.

With the printer plugged in and “off”, press and hold the button. It will display the firmware and printer name.

Firmware is 1.44 on a Form 1+ :slight_smile:

If that is not up to date, should I update it with PreForm 2.10.1 or can I update it with PreForm 2.3.3 OpenFL?

You got the OpenFL Firmware installed. You should be fine. .140 is the latest Preform firmware.

Got it. How does that compare to 1.40? If I wanted to run PreForm 2.10.1 do I need to “update” the firmware again to use it?

Nope. Leave it on 1.44.

If you search through the OpenFL documentation, you will find the tools that need 1.44 to function. Otherwise, Preform can use either firmware.

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