What is correct firmware for Form1+?

I received my Form1+ just before xmas and have so far have only achieved 2 successful prints.

Support are asking that I do a load of tests which is fine but I’ve already lost a whole bottle of resin to failed tests so i’m reluctant to keep wasting more.

My firmware is currently 1.4 - I’ve no idea whether that is latest or not, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent release notes page here. When I hit the update firmware inside PreForm an install progress bar is shown but nothing much seems to happen and it remains on 1.4

Please help!

The firmware for the Form 1+ has not changed since it was introduced unless you intend to use OpenFL. The firmware (IMO) isn’t what is causing your issues. If you post up pics of the models / orientation with supports and pics of the failures, we may be able to assist.

To answer your questions, 1.40, unless you intend to use OpenFL, then there is a newer one.

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