What is the latest firmware for the Form1+? Confused now

Hello all good form users.

I recently bought a used Form1+, and when setting it up, I decided to check if it was on the latest firmware.

Now, reading up on the printer I found that holding the button for 3 seconds from off, displays the firmware, which was 1.40.
It seemed to me that the latest firmware was a lot higher, so I proceeded to press the update button in the printers dialog.

Then the printer went black, I got a no dfu something or other found, and an update dialog where the printer seemed to update. It reached 100%, reset itself, and the printer was up and running again… but…

After checking with the 3 second press… the firmware is still 1.40… It also was written somewhere that the PreForm software would tell you if you needed a firmware upgrade. It hasn’t so far… but I’m still at 1.40…

Is 1.40 the latest firmware for the Form1+?

Thanks for all replies,

Newbie sla owner…

I am pretty sure 1.40 is the latest. That is what my printer has.

Thanks for the reply, and the peace of mind. :slight_smile:

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