Latest form 1+ Firmware as of December 2016?

My printer is saying it is 1.40 which seems to be out of date. In Preform, it says it performed an update, but it doesn’t seem to change. Is 1.40 up-to-date for the Form 1+? Thanks.

According to the release notes 1.40 is the latest and greatest for 1+ users. I can’t verify this as I am not a 1+ owner. It could be that there is a minor update it still needs (1.40.xx.xx). Maybe a 1+ user or FL employee can verify that for you.

My firmware has been 1.40 and to the best of my knowledge is the latest release. It has been 1.40 for a very long time. No need to update it.

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Cool. Sounds like 1.40 it is. Thanks everyone.

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