Upgrading to firmware 1.2.11

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I’m having some problems on my form 2 with the motors jamming. I was told by support to update to the latest firmware. But I can’t seems to do that. I can see on the Form 2 itself that it says the firmware is 1.10.6-52 and the latest one on the website is 1.12.11. I downloaded it but can see no way of uploading to the form 2. I have the latest preform software installed (for mac) 2.11.0. I gather that when I open preform with the printer attached via usb I should see some options to update the firmware but nothing is showing up. What am I missing? I just got my form 2 last week - why is the firmware not the latest? I suppose they built this particular unit last year and don’t make a habit of opening finished goods to update to the latest firmware? That would make sense but why would preform not recognize the firmware as out of date?


If you’re connected over USB, go to the ‘File’ -> ‘Printers’ section of PreForm. From there, you should see your printer and if you click on it, there will be an option to manually update firmware over USB.

Yes - I did that and was indeed expecting to see an option to manually update but don’t. I wonder if it doesn’t work if I have my wifi turned on. Not sure if the computer prioritizes USB over wifi connection since I’ve connected to my Form 2 using both.

Well - I’m dumb. I went to file - printers and there were the options. Before I was clicking on the orange form 2 button on the left. It brought up a very similar looking interface but with no options. Silly me - should have followed directions. Thanks for your help!

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