Help with firmware update

I had the Form 2 for a bit, did a few small test prints then I had to put it in storage for a year. I’m back setting things up again and I’m having issues trying to get the firmware updated for my Form2. Last update was Dec 2016.

The online documentation says I can do it over ethernet. However it doesn’t work. Perform software can see the printer but I don’t want to run prints with such an old version of firmware.

The software on the printer the graphic shows a USB cable connection, when I disconnect the ethernet connection on the machine and add the USB plug [going into a high end USB 3 4 channel controller card or the motherboard usb ports] I get a windows error stating … well I can’t replicate it now but it complains there was a malfuction with the device.

So how do I update things here. I’m stumped and dead in the water.

Ok I had to update from the latest version of Preform instead of from the printer, very easy now, figured it out :slight_smile:

ACtually I got a decryption error, but a manual firmware install seems to have fixed it.

If you get decryption error try to download the firmware manually and then choose the file in preform instead of letting it download it itself. I almost always got this error and solved it by a manual download, it’s probably a firewall issue on my side.

Yeah I confirm that this works. Up and running again, thanks!

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