Can't upgrade Form 2 Firmware

I upgraded Preform to version 2.15.1 and it said the firmware in the Form 2 wasn’t correct. So I did a download of the firmware and have been attempting to get it installed but keep getting the message “Unable to decrypt the file.”

I’ve done a factory reset and tried again. I’ve put in a ticket but who knows when I’ll get an answer. My issue is that this is not a hobby for me but a business and I have orders waiting to be filled and need to do the prints. for them.

Any ideas, besides rolling everything backwards yet again?

We strive to answer tickets within a few hours during normal business hours, so you should hear back shortly. Re-downloading the formware and doing a USB upload often helps to correct this. If that fails, downloading the formware on another network can often be helpful.

I talked with Mark on Chat and was able to get it all finally working. Thanks.

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