Preform 2.14 Firmware Decryption Failed

Hi everyone,

I tried to update the firmware on my Form2 as I updated the software to preform 2.14.0. I managed to upload the firmware rc-1.16 (updating form rc-1.14) but when I tried to install the firmware on the form2 it diplayed an error message during “update validation” --> Unable to update - Decryption failed.

Anyone can help with that?

Thanks in advance

I had the same issue but was able to update to 1.16 by downloading the firmware manually and using the manual update option. It may at least get you past the error and let you get printing

Thanks for letting us know. As @SeamusB mentioned, manually updating the Firmware is likely to correct this. You can grab the most recent firmware updates from the release notes page.

Thanks a lot! and thanks for the link. It worked.

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