Form 2 firmware incompatible with preform 3

My form 2 currently has rc-1.18.12-58. I mistakenly thought I should update to the latest preform before upgrading my firmware. MY MISTAKE. The latest preform 3.0+ doesn’t even see my printer, so I can’t upgrade the firmware. OK so I go back to preform 2.20, and it too can no longer see my printer, so I can’t upgrade the firmware.

How do I upgrade the firmware without preform, get preform to see my USB connected printer, or get a version of preform which will see my printer?

I was just about to write exactly the same thing!!! I got one of our machines running, but there is no way to select to other machine!! This is pants!! I have customers waiting!!! I upgraded both machines , and then the support software, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of selecting which printer you want to use. I’m going to try switching the machines off alternately, but this is ridiculous…


Reloaded and updated firmware on both machines, re downloaded and reinstalled Preform 3, reinstalled Bonjour, and…

Preform keeps saying my printers are disconnected.

I’m going back to a craft knife and balsa wood…

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Having to unplug and replug the printers every time I use them, and completely unplug them so there is only ever one connected at a time, otherwise i cannot change to the ‘other’ printer! Anyone else having similar problems?

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