Automatic Firmware Update Not Working

My current firmware is rc-1.9.9-43 and preform tells me the latest/.greatest is rc-1.10.4-49.

Upon launching preform today I got a notification that it was out of date so I downloaded/installed the latest version. I then plugged into the printer (via USB) and navigated to the “update printer firmware” page. Preform sees the printer and it confirmed that my firmware is out of date. It gives me two options to update - automatically download the update or manually select a file.

When i “click” the automatic update button nothing happens. I don’t get an error, it doesn’t crash, it just doesn’t do anything. I tried clicking and waiting, clicking multiple times in rapid succession, and clicking/holding for a couple of seconds. No matter what I do absolutely nothing happens. If i then click “cancel” or otherwise close the update firmware box the printer still shows up in preform but it’s no longer accessible (I can no longer select it to print and if i pull up the printer info box all the firmware/diagnostic boxes are grayed out)… If I close/reopen preform everything returns to normal. No matter what I do i can’t seem to update the firmware…

The printer is hard wired to my network as is the computer running preform and both are connected to the same (and only) router in the house. I’ve tried rebooting the printer (putting it to sleep then disconnecting the power cord for 60 seconds before plugging it back in), resetting the router, rebooting the computer, and I’ve swapped USB cables. Nothing has fixed the problem.

I’ve had the printer since the spring and have updated both preform and the printer firmware without issue multiple times in the past. I’d be happy to download/load the firmware file manually but I can’t seem to find any info on how to download firmware manually. From what I can tell there is no firmware repository.

Has anyone else had this issue? Please help!?!?

yes, same here. I download manually and find file and it then works fine. I reckon its done this the last few updates.

That is odd behavior and I’ve made sure our software team is aware. An easy fix might be to directly download the current firmware and upload over USB. Let us know if that works!

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I stopped letting it do auto-updates. I always download, manually send to printer and then start the update. Letting the printer download and start it on its own fails 100% of the time (means stuck on “starting”). This has been the behavior for that past 3 updates, at least.

My printer is telling me that it needs a firmware update, and when I click the button, it takes forever to download, and then gives an error, telling me it can’t run the updater.

Then I was on my computer, ready to print, and PreForm told me my printer was up-to-date when I tried to do the recommended firmware update.

It had previously failed one or two other attempts (on the printer) to update the firmware. Anyone else have this issue?

I have the same problem too. Shortly before finishing the verification of firware, he tells me that it is damaged. I’ve downloaded several times but did not pass verification. Luckily the Preform files are still compatible.

Fixed the Problem we had at our Form2 :slight_smile:

I try this morning but I have the same ploblem also with the new firmware. :frowning:

Often if the automatic updater isn’t working, it’s easiest to directly download the Firmware and upload it to your printer over USB through PreForm. If that isn’t working for you, open a ticket with our support team so we can help to troubleshoot!

Now my Form 2 is with the last firmware .

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