Holes in walls

I designed a case for a six key keyboard and tried printing it on the Form+1 at my university.

The print has a lot of holes in it, especially the walls and the bottom seem to be hollow on some spots. Unfortunately I’m not printing myself, the Form+1 is operated by another person, so I can’t tell much about the exact conditions.

That probably has more supports than are necessary–the fewer supports that you can have, the better because everywhere the supports touch will not look as good. But the holes issue I think could be caused by dust on the mirrors. That’s probably the main issue of the Form1/+ in that the chamber is open and dust can easily fall onto the mirrors which will affect the print. Here’s some info on how to clean it: http://formlabs.com/support/printers/form-1/cleaning-mirror/

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I tried it before with fewer supports and get some warping, another time the supports broke while printing, so I decided to use as much support as I can. But I guess the next time I’m adjusting them manually, to keep them away from detailed spots and outer edges, cause I loose to much thickness, if I try to sand them away evenly.
However thank you for the mirror cleaning suggestion. I will ask the guy, which operates the Form if he could look it up or if I can clean it before the next try.

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